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Image by National Cancer Institute


Studying the pathology of human tissue samples has advanced the understanding of the disease mechanisms to help advance new, novel treatments for Krabbe and other neurodegenerative disorders. 


Listed here are several peer reviewed manuscripts that have been published in medical journals using tissue samples from the brain and tissue bank.  There are more research projects in the works and this page will be updated regularly to include those publications.


We are truly grateful to the families, caregivers and patients who have chosen to advance research efforts for Krabbe and all rare degenerative disorders through brain and tissue donations.

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Nadav I Weinstock, Daesung Shin, Narayan Dhimal, Xinying Hong, Eric E. Irons, Nicholas J. Silvestri, Chelsey B. Reed, Duc Nguyen, Oliver Sampson, Yung-Chic Cheng, Joseph T.Y. Lau, Ernesto R. Bongarzone, Julia Kofler, Maria L. Escolar, Michael H. Gelb, Lawrence Wrabetz, M. Laura Feltri

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Daniela Coltrini, Adwaid Manu Krishna Chandran, Mirella Belleri, Pietro L. Pollani, Manuela Cominelli, Francesca Pagani, Miriam Capra, Stefano Calza, Simona Prioni, Laura Mauri, Alessandro Prinetti, Julia Kofler, Maria L. Escolar and Marco Presta

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