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This page is dedicated to all of the Krabbe children around the world, the one’s who are with us and the one’s who have left us. We celebrate their special lives and the love they brought to this world. Please click on their links below to learn about these terrific kids. If you are interested in having your child on this wall, please contact us via the contact link on our website.

Special Thanks

We would like to offer a special thanks to all those unmentioned volunteers who have helped all families of these children in many ways. Thank you to all of the parents who have shared the stories of their children. These stories create awareness of Krabbe disease. A SPECIAL THANK YOU to Chuck and Jenn Cammarata, Greg and Erika Sears, Dianna Greene, and those parents who initiated this page on the first website for Krabbe in 1998. In sharing their child’s stories they have given love, guidance and compassion in helping other families dealing with Krabbe disease.








Breanna Arthurs

Aaron Bateman

Emma Lynne


Christopher Benson

(Alexander's Disease)


Elijah Bonney

Madylen Grace


CJ Cammarata

Anthony Caruso

Aubrey Claflin

Gracie Cooley

John D’Amico

Kayla Rose De Visser

Yannick Dion

Sandrine Dion

Melissa Durbin

Hayley Delacy Durden

Saschy Eichhorn

Melvin Eliasson

Marwa Elmouzayen

Jeramie Eveland

Jared Faria

Chloe Fedorak

Scarlett Rose Fedorak

Jason Forslind

Kyle Forslind

Mitchell Forslind

Anthoney Foster

Kye William Gair

Kinnari Gala

Trevor Garbe

Ailene Garcia

LeA Gartzke

Adam Haines

Erik Haines

Terry M. Hallock III

Liam Hammonds

Blake Ryan Harris

Elly Hernandez

Ida Holmgren

Brenden Hopkins

David Hopkins

Toi Imamure

Seychelles Marie Ippoliti

Souta Iwamae

Taneshia Jackson

Joseph Jarrell

Mathew Jarrell

Rachell Jarrell

Mikkel Bo Jensen

Megan Jurek-Plasky

Tanner Jurek-Plasky

Yui Kobayashi

Veronica Kreleger

Ryan Kristoff

Minna Larsson

Colton Lee

Victoria Lockhart

Hadley Lorg

Gaby Manzo

Anthony Mattina

Olivia McCormick

Mark Elliot McCoy

Branden Miller

Makinley Mills

Hunter Mitchell

Kaitlin Nelkie

Lucas Cole Nims

Todd Opp

Jack Palamaro (Alexander's Disease)

Megan Alexandra Parker

Chandler Raney

Nicholas Rugari

Douglas Schlagete

Melina Sevilla

Anthony Shell

Bruce Springer

Jamie St. Clair

Holli Startkweather

Evie Beth Sugden

Mika Aaron Summers

Jayden Anthony Taylor

Loam Hanna Tesfazion

Mikey Torres

Candace Tuggle

Jody Vance

Bryan Walters

Britt Weijts

Jackson Kai White

Timothy Willett

Michelle Wright

Katelynn Yerardi

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