Gift Catalog

Gifts from the Heart

Add meaning to your shopping by buying from this catalog instead of going to the mall. Select a life-changing gift to give a child a toy, fresh water, school fees and more. We'll mail a special card to your friend or family member letting them know of your compassionate gift in their honor. With these heartfelt gifts, you can change the course of a child's future forever.

Give the Gift of Food and Medicine

School Lunches  $40

Buy school lunches for a month.


Toys  $25

Give a Needs-n-Dreams child  and/or

teen the chance to laugh, play and exercise their imagination.

New Outfit  $40

Help clothe a child with a new outfit – it will put a big smile on their face, lifts their spirits and instill confidence.

Education for one Child   $50

Provide education for 1 child. Your gift can help pay school fees or provide essentials like school uniforms, textbooks, backpacks, and school supplies and help ensure that one child in poverty can receive what he or she needs to get an education.

A Child's Digital Future  $250

Once a child's basic needs are met, education becomes even more important. Developing digital skills can lead to better jobs in the future. These jobs can have a poverty-fighting ripple effect by improving family income and community contribution, and reducing dependency on services.

Child's Bedding  $80

Help give a child the warm secure feeling of a good night’s sleep, tucked comfortable and snug in their own bed.

Family Meals  $100

Provide a week's worth of balanced and

nutritious meals for a Needs-n-Dreams family of 4.


Medical Check-Ups $100

Provides medical check-ups for a Needs-n-Dreams  family of 2 children 1x/year.

Give the Gift of Security, Comfort & Gratitude

Back Pack of School Supplies  $40

For children everywhere, education is the best hope for breaking free from poverty. Yet even school supplies are hard to come by for  children whose families struggle just to pay rent and buy food. You can help give the gift of education by providing basic school supplies, such as a brand-new backpack, pencils, notebooks, glue, crayons, a ruler, and more.

Give the Gift of Education

Give the Gift of Social, Mental and Physical Health

A Child's Digital Future  $500

Create a dream by providing  a Needs-n-Dreams youth or adult with a scholarship for vocational training such as Business & Management, Healthcare, Industry, Personal Enrichment, Public Safety, Technology and more.

Microloans for Entrepreneurs  $200+

Invest in a Needs-n-Dreams family business idea to encourage entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency. 

Literacy Classes for Young Women  $75

Empower a woman with the tools she needs to sustain her family. Learning to read and write  begins the release from the cycle of poverty.

Give the Gift of a Brighter Future

The Arts  $250

There are many underprivileged kids who have the gift of the Arts.  In addition, you can inspire hope in the lives of children who have experienced abuse, neglect, poverty and homelessness through innovative creative arts programs and positive interactions.

Enrichment Activity   $50

Provide an enrichment activity for a Needs-n-Dreams child or youth. Your spoonsor-ship can help ensure that one child or teen in poverty can encourage self esteem, learn independent skills, and their confidence can be brought to new heights. 

Sport Sponsorship  $100

Sports play a vital role in teaching our children fundamental values like a strong work ethic, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. Sponsoring a Needs-n-Dreams child or teen makes the best way to promote those values.

Unexpected Crisis Meals  $25

Getting an unexpected diagnosis can send a family's world spinning. Most likely they didn't expect the unfortunate news and do not bring enough money to eat for several days. 

Urgent Crisis   $75

As an extension of the unexpected diagnosis, the Urgent Crisis Care Package will provide essentials such as a pillow, blanket, shampoo, tootbrush, deodorant, note pads, snacks, etc.

Urgent Crisis Connection  $250

Communicating to loved ones with updates

can be overwhelming. Providing an iPod, iPad, or other social media device and help relieve some of the burdens. It can also create distraction during this fragile time. 

Give the Gift of Relief

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