Brain and Tissue Banking


Brain and Tissue Banking FAQ's

Thank you for considering a donation of brain and tissue samples for research purposes. The importance of human organ and tissue donation for research is a highly emotional and difficult decision for a parent to make. Hopefully P4KR can address some of your concerns in the Frequently Asked Questions found on this page.

For some families the decision may be very difficult to consider donating, especially given the emotional stress that they have already endured from the disease. For others, this donation may offer a sense of purpose and comfort, knowing that the quest for knowledge and medical research will carry on for Krabbe Disease. 

Our highest priority is supporting families through all stages of this process. Krabbe Disease diminishes the quality of life of our children.  We recognize that your donation is a very precious gift. Our goal at Partners For Krabbe Research is to speed the day that this disease no longer has an impact on the quality or length of life of our children.

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